Blended Learning Solutions

Blended Learning

Integrate digitised and contemporary learning methodologies, facilitator led workshops and employ readily available toolkits for maximum impact. These resources are meticulously crafted to enable you to continuously educate and raise awareness among your employees, using engaging workshops, creatives, emailers, fact bolts, scenario based videos and more. Contact us today to know more.

Employee Engagement Campaigns

Diversity and Inclusion is a sensitive topic, which requires an organisation-wide buy-in for an intervention to be successful. In our experience, we find that often interventions are targeted at only managers & senior leaders, in the form of workshops on various topics.  The larger employee base is targeted through panel discussions, movie screenings, fireside chats and other similar activities. While these help in creating awareness, they do not translate into behaviour change.

It is our firm belief that without addressing the entire employee base, the specific inclusion intervention’s arc will not be complete. But of course, the execution and logistics challenges of planning workshops for the entire employee base are many! 

Recognizing this, we have designed Communication Campaigns to address unconscious biases, LGBTQ+ inclusion and gender issues at workplace that can be run on the internal platforms such as Yammer or Workplace or any other similar forum that you may be using. 

Extremely interactive and engaging, the campaign includes games, animated videos, comic strips, infographics and surfaces the concepts of stereotypes, biases, mindsets, inclusive behaviours and more. 

Plug and play versions are available. Or of course, you can choose to customize it as well. 

Manager Guidebooks

Will meritocracy be compromised in pursuing diversity targets, or how can I manage deadlines when a team member is on maternity leave? Should I tell my newly out of the closet colleague to disclose his identity to other teammates? Or, I don’t think our corporate culture is ready for this yet.

A manager’s dilemmas are many! 

Our research has consistently shown us that in order to create an inclusive workplace, a manager’s dilemmas need to be appreciated and specific inputs need to be provided, so they can demonstrate inclusivity in their teams. The absence of a dilemma-based approach, makes the interventions very generic and does not address the everyday business problems that managers face.

Our manager guidebooks will serve a good answer for you! It highlights the dilemmas and offers tips and strategies to managers on how they can leverage diversity in their teams and create an inclusive workplace. 

Available in both off-the-shelf and customized versions, these guidebooks are a recommended addition to your D&I interventions; they are easy to read, and the managers can consume the content at their own pace. 

INclusiv: Digitised Learning Journey

D& I roadmap

INclusiv, is a unique product pioneered by us, that combines content and technology expertise. Through it, you can provide an inclusive experience for your employees and engage them in the change conversation through various formats.

Storytelling, animated videos, gamification, fun facts, and screensavers are some of the elements that are a part of INclusiv. And they are delivered to you in the form of campaigns or e-learning modules. You can use this subtle yet powerful tool to involve employees at all levels, in a non-intrusive manner, making it easy to bring about a behavior change.

INclusiv is interactive, fun, scalable and customizable. 

The topics that INclusiv addresses are: Gender Sensitization, Unconscious Biases, Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the workplace, and Inclusive Leadership.

MOMsphere: Maternity transition Support Toolkits

Maternity transition and the return back to work are critical issues in promoting gender diversity in the workplace. Despite numerous initiatives aimed at easing this transition through comprehensive policies, many organisations still struggle with effective implementation.

And why is that?

It is the failure to effectively engage all stakeholder groups to provide the enabling environment. 

Often, workplace policies designed to support new mothers remain largely theoretical and fail to address the practical realities of expectant and returning mothers. There is also a critical oversight in addressing the complexities faced by supervisors who manage team members during their maternity leave and subsequent return. Additionally, coworkers may encounter their own unique dilemmas, which can further complicate team dynamics.

To address these gaps, we created, MOMsphere, a set of practical toolkits – tailored for female employees, their supervisors, and coworkers. These toolkits address dilemmas, strategies to overcome them, handle policy-related queries, offer insights for developing an inclusive mindset, and much more. 

Our Momsphere collection comes in an engaging storytelling format and comic strip illustrations, making it an easy read!

It stands out as one of the favourites among our offerings and has garnered significant appreciation from our clients.



Being an ally is more than a label—it’s about taking meaningful action. Our specialized program is designed to equip your workforce with the tools and insights needed to actively foster allyship in the workplace.

Covering essential topics such as gender, LGBTQ+, ageism, PWD and inclusive language, our microlearning modules deliver consistent and targeted messaging on allyship, engaging participants and helping them embrace practical strategies. This ensures maximum flexibility and accessibility.

For a more immersive experience, opt for our expert-led group training sessions facilitated by leading DEI professionals. Through dynamic discussions and real-world applications, your team will gain invaluable insights and skills to navigate allyship challenges effectively.
Contact us today to learn more about how our allyship program can drive positive change in your organization.

DEI Training

At Re-Link, our DEI workshops provide an immersive experience through real-life simulations of activities and processes. We help participants re-frame limiting behaviors and adopt more inclusive practices by uncovering various aspects of human behavior that impact group settings. Our capacity-building training modules equip participants with the knowledge and skills to recognize and challenge unconscious biases, leverage diverse teams, and foster a culture of belonging. Our customized DEI workshops are suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Approach used: facilitation processes, case studies, experiential activities, interactive discussions, thought provoking images, scenario based videos etc.

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