Espresso Shots: Workshops for Women:

These are workshops aimed at women to explore their inner world and understand how this impacts their environment. Societal conditioning, expectations placed upon by themself and by others often become a roadblock for their own growth. In these sessions, we will work with participants in overcoming the barriers to growth and personal development. The pedagogy of these espresso shot sessions will be a combination of experiential activities, story-telling, forum theatre and facilitation.

Espresso shot
  1. Gender as an Identity

Conditioning and gendered nurture has a profound influence on our interactions and communications. Participants will surface the key messages that women received during childhood. And understand the impact of these on their adult life. They will also explore and understand the difference between nature and nurture and learn strategies to develop self-leadership.

2. Building a Purposeful Career

Planning for career derailers is an important self-leadership skill for women. In this workshop, participants will understand why it is important to have a well-crafted intention for one’s career, find meaning and purpose in work and career, identify enablers and disablers caused by external and internal circumstances and learn implementable strategies to achieve career outcomes.

3. Networking, Influencing and Personal Brand

Networking and Influencing are important career skills and often women tend to shy away from this. Participants will recognise the importance of networking, surface myths in networking, recognize relevance of a personal brand and learn how to build it. Further, they will also learn to use influencing skills for positive outcomes.

4. Emotional Intelligence: The life force 

Emotional Intelligence can be the differentiating factor in one’s career. The learning outcomes of this workshop are identifying the common emotions amongst women – such as guilt, double burden syndrome, managing expectations, self-worth, surfacing the triggers and emotions that create dissonance, strategies to develop emotional intelligence and improving social skills. 

5. Integrated Leadership

Managing to deal with opposing forces is a critical skill for women leaders. The learning outcomes of this workshop are surfacing of the many opposing forces experienced by women. Examples include: balance between family obligations and career demands, going after one’s dream or fulfilling the expected societal role of a woman and arriving at relevant action plans for managing both effectively.

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