Cocreating the future

Co-Creating Futures

This is a unique facilitated program that aims to bring teams and / or individuals together, to share and discuss the very important concept of how each member has a critical role to play. And if that role is carried out with the right action and the right intent, ...

Inner chords

Inner Chords

The idea that our inner life profoundly influences our external life has existed since time immemorial. It finds its place in all the great religions, philosophical ideologies and modern day psychology. In simple terms, this inner life refers ...

Sensitization Sessions

Sensitization Sessions

Knowing and understanding each other is the foundation on which respect can be developed for those who are different from us. Through our sensitization sessions, we create a platform for various community ...

unconscious bias

Mental Models and Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Biases and mental models pose as some of the biggest roadblocks in creating inclusive workplaces. An effective recognition that as humans we may carry own biases, working through them becomes a necessity.


Inclusive Leadership

Aimed at people in leadership positions, the Inclusive Leadership workshop begins with a deep recognition of the need to develop the skill of inclusion in today’s business scenario.

Espresso shot

Espresso Shots: Workshops for Women

These are workshops aimed at women to explore their inner world and understand how this impacts their environment.

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